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Joining as an Amazon Associate is FREE.

Once you apply to be an Amazon Associate you can usually start using the affiliate links almost immediately.

To sign up type in

If you have been using Amazon to order products you can sign in with your already established username and password.

If you are a new customer to Amazon you are requested to provide an email address or mobile number and you are then instructed to enter a name and a password and then click “Create Account”.

Introduce Yourself

The next page is where you enter your personal information, then you are directed to enter information about your website, your identity is verified and tax information needs to be filled out.  

You can choose to get paid by direct deposit, Amazon gift card or cheque.

Content is a Plus



It is a good idea to have some content on your website that will benefit your visitors before applying to Amazon as they do like to visit your site and get a feel for what your website is about.

Advertising Tools

There is a “Product Linking” section where you will find banners for your website, you can get links to promote products or you can design an Amazon aStore.

Any Questions???

Within Amazon there is a “Help” section where you will find discussion boards as well as the Operating Agreement and other useful information for Amazon Associates.

From my personal experience it is important for you to read the Amazon terms and conditions.

One thing I found out the hard way is that you can’t just position a bunch of Amazon affiliate links on your website and hope to make some money.

Also if you place an Amazon link make sure it doesn’t just get directed straight to Amazon.

That is against Amazon policy and is classified as redirecting which infringes on their trademark.

You have chosen to promote the product and you would like someone to purchase through your link.

Write some information about the product you are promoting or write a review.

Tell your customer why you think this product is worth purchasing.

Product Inventory

What type of product could you promote?

Amazon sells just about everything. If you are having a hard time coming up with a niche take a look around Amazon’s product inventory.

Research what products are popular and read some of the reviews posted by customers or look for something that grabs your attention and gets your creativity working .

This technique might just lead to a profitable niche website.

Added Bonus

Another great thing about being an Amazon Affiliate. If a person follows your link to Amazon and within 24 hours makes additional purchases, you can earn a commission for those items as well.

Trade-In Bounty Program

Customers can trade in their used items for Amazon gift cards no matter where the item was purchased.

If you have a website for product reviews you can create a link for items that are related to your reviews and you can earn advertising fees for items accepted by Amazon through their “Trade-In Bounty Program”.

Your customer would click your link, browse the categories and choose one for the item they would like to trade-in.

If the item is in acceptable condition they receive a prepaid shipping label from Amazon. You receive a percentage of the items trade-in value when accepted by Amazon.

There is a section for “General Trade-In”, “Consumer Electronics”, “Video Games”, and “Books” and links are provided that can be added to Associates websites.

Amazon Seller

Another idea for Amazon and you have products to sell is to sign up for an Amazon Seller account.

You can sell as a professional and get 1 month free then $39.99 a month after that plus additional selling fees. The individual seller is pay-as-you-go.

The choice for professional vs. individual would be determined mostly by how much inventory you have to offer.

How to Make Money With Amazon

To find more training just type “Amazon” into the top of the Wealthy Affiliate Page where it says “Search for help here”

Marion Black provides training on How to Build an Amazon aStore.

Steve whose website “I’veTriedThat” has been very successful provides training on My Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Earning”.

Labman provides training on Adding and Editing Your Amazon Links“.

Another great source for Amazon training is to go to

If you have any questions about becoming an Amazon Affiliate this is a good source for information and enlightenment.







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