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Benefits of Google Analytics


Google Analytics is a free powerhouse of web analysis services that can be a valuable asset for your online business.

Google Analytics lets you create reports that help you to understand your customer and develop an emotional connection to your audience and what they are searching for. You can then evaluate the performance of your website content so you can engage your audience and build a better relationship. Succeed at this and you could have a loyal customer that will return to your website, make purchases, and share your content on social media for years to come.

One of the first things you might want to do is exclude your own ip address from showing up in your analytics. You can find your ip address by typing in “What is my ip address” in the search engine.

Once you have your ip address go to  admin > all filters > +add filter > type in filter name > select filter type > exclude ip address.


Google Analytics Reports


1.    Audience > User Explorer


Will give you an insight into understanding how your visitors engage with the material on your website and will allow you to customize to individual preferences.


As you can see, this visitor first browsed the website on November 4. The session duration was 4 min 29 sec and they viewed 9 pages. The same visitor returned again on November 8 the session duration was 13 min 19 sec and they viewed 15 pages. By clicking on the eye symbol I would be able to determine which pages they viewed.

This report is beneficial as it shows what pages initially drew the visitor to the website as well as which pages or posts were visited.

I was also able to determine that they used a mobile device to gain access.

Knowledge of the web browser used is beneficial as I could test the website for page load speed.

A website that takes too long to load is going to lose visitor interest.


2.    Audience > Behaviour > New vs Returning


Documents data explaining site usage and provides insight if your visitor is new or returning.

Also provides information on pages viewed, average length of a session and bounce rate of when they leave your site.

Provides detailed information on:

Demographics > Language, Country, City

System > Browser, Operating System & Service Provider

Mobile > Operating system, Service Provider and Screen Resolution


3.    Acquisition > All Traffic > Source Medium


Discover where your traffic originates and through what source – Organic search, paid search, referral etc.


4.    Social


Interested in finding out how your website is performing by social shares? What is the value of the Facebook “like”, the Google “+”, the Twitter “tweet”. Check out Analytics Help for any questions you may have.


5.    Campaign


Organic campaign vs paid campaign. Add campaign parameters manually or use a platform specific URL builder tool and brainstorm how traffic is finding its way to your website. Run a campaign and keep track of your results.

Find the campaign URL builder here.


These are only a few reports you can generate, the possibilities are endless and the results can be astonishing.




Lets you create, share and  import custom reporting tools that could assist you in masterminding your online marketing strategy.

You can sort by most POPULAR, LATEST and HIGHEST RANKING and you can filter by TYPE, RANKING and CATEGORY.

When performing an import of custom reporting tools go to your Dashboard, click New Dashboard, then click Import from Gallery. Only the template is imported you will not receive the reports/assets of the creator.

Why not take advantage of Google Analytics and put it to work for you!

To find out more about Google Analytics here is a link to some Training and Support.









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