crockyWhile I was surfing the internet I stumbled upon a website called “Breaking News“. The website looked legitimate and was published on April 6, 2016.

The lure was I could receive an iPhone 6 for just $1.00. I must admit I was fascinated. They showed pictures of people actually receiving the iPhone.

I almost got sucked into providing my credit card information and had actually filled out and submitted my address. As I was preparing to enter my credit card information I thought I had better read some reviews to make sure it was legitimate.

When I stared investigating I was directed to a website happycrocky.com.  I learned it is a skill gaming platform where you can compete against other players time to win great prizes. Along with the iPhone they advertise the chance to win an Apple TV, GoPro Hero 4, Samsung Galaxy S6, Apple Watch plus many others.

By checking out scamanalyze.com I found the website was created six months ago and its address is in Gibraltar.

The website is hosted with Godaddy.

The owner name is Laszlo Janos Berecz.

I did some further surfing and found out that there are several sites that are offering this scam. In recent years it has appeared on facebook and funkyclock.com to name a couple. The ads start out with “Shocking Deal” or “You Won’t Believe” and they proceed to tell you about this amazing offer.

CTV News published an article November 3, 2015 where they report on the iPhone scam and further disclose that the $1.00 is not a fee to receive a new phone but is actually the price for a trial membership that entitles you to a chance at winning prizes.

In CTV example they provide trial membership to funkyclock.com but as I was entering for happycrocky.com it would have been a trial membership there.

Trial memberships are automatically renewed when the initial trial period ends unless you go through the process of cancelling before then.

Members are charged an ongoing monthly fee of $129.00 a month once the trial period ends.

CTV further states that any time a consumer is asked to provide their credit card information they should be on alert.

I am so grateful that I hesitated and decided to do a review before I actually entered my information.

I sincerely hope that this review helps someone else.

It is important to remember that; “If something sounds too good to be true it usually is”. Something I myself had better start paying attention to.

You are welcome to leave a comment below if you have had any problems with scams in the past.

Always good to keep everyone informed.



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