Quick Start Challenge 2018

The Quick Start Challenge is hosted by award winning marketing coach Dean Holland and Craig Crawford.

What caught my attention about this Challenge was that it was for the low cost of $14.95 and only consisted of 5 weeks of my time.

The step-by-step course that is offered can walk a complete newbie from setting up a website to earning income and achieving life changing results in under 30 days.

The Quick Start Challenge is considered to be one of the most affordable and proven live coaching programs available which will set you up on the fast track to success by following a proven blueprint that works.

  • Videos were offered in the members area with step-by-step instructions on how to set up a wordpress blog for the complete newbie.
  •  Live Coaching was provided by Dean Holland and included some first class valuable training.
  •  A Challenge was given each week to be worked on individually and submitted through the Quick Start Challenge member’s area.
  • Live Q & A sessions were scheduled where any questions could be asked and answered.
  • The incentive for completing a challenge was a chance to win products worth thousands of dollars. 

Week 1 Challenge

Set up an online blog.

Once the blog is set up create one post and mention "Quick Start Challenge".

Week 2 Challenge - Design Your Dream Life

This weeks challenge was fun but soul searching. 

Our challenge was to determine:

  • Where in the world we wanted to live
  • We had to detail why we started an online business and what we wanted out of that business
  • What the monthly income goal would be to achieve our heart's desire

My GOAL is to live in paradise and to have enough money that I could do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.

My DREAM LIFE is to have no worries.

I would also like to have enough money to help my family with their financial problems.

How much money do I think I need monthly to provide me with my dream lifestyle I am looking for?

Taking into consideration that I would need money for the necessities of life like:

  • Heat
  • Hydro
  • Clothing
  • Shelter etc.

I determined that I would need approximately $5,000.00 a month.

Week 3 Challenge - List Building Engine

In preparation for building our email list this week's challenge was to build a Triple Tier List Building System consisting of an Opt-in Page, 2 Step Bridge Page and then connect to an Auto Responder and then we had to test to make sure everything worked.

For an opt-in page the first step is to design something that is attention grabbing and offers something for FREE.

Everyone likes the word Free and this is a great way to boost conversions.

When someone reads the word "FREE" in their mind the product is perceived as being valuable and worth giving up their email address for.

This could be a free ebook, report, webinar etc.

The 2 step bridge page is a great way to offer two related but different options that the customer would find beneficial.

Next continue with the funnel that is the final dynamic item that you really want to sell.

Week 4 Challenge

Email Sequence

Set up 7 day email sequence and connect to autoresponder.

An email sequence is a way to build a relationship, connect with your audience and engage them to help grow your authority. 

The benefits of an email sequence is instead of dumping too much information on your audience and having them overwhelmed the engagement is gradual.

This is a great way to turn a Prospect into a Buyer.

In planning an email sequence it is vital to do a little preparation.

Establish topic parameters:

  • Provide text based emails or a combination of text and image
  • Identify your target audience and determine what their interests are
  • Is the goal to encourage dialogue or are you looking to promote a specific product or service
  • Create content that is engaging, informative and  topic specific. Design your emails to include effective keywords you have researched. The right mix can transform your words from mediocre to sublime.

Week 5 Challenge - Testimonial


I found the Quick Start Challenge to be very informative and value packed.

Dean Holland really opened up about his own online journey detailing his failures and the lowest times of his life and showed his life changing moment where he was finally able to get on the path to Success.

The Quick Start Challenge Facebook group was very supportive and always available to answer any questions or give out any advice or encouragement and I am happy to remain a member of the group even though the Challenge has ended.

I really enjoyed the interaction and dynamics of the group and not only learned a lot of useful information and gained some new skills but I was also able to gain insight on some of the tools and software that the other members use.



If you are just starting out in online business or are an intermediate marketer and you ever have the chance to participate in the Quick Start Challenge I urge you to sign up.

I consider the $14.95 I spent for the Challenge to be money well spent as the information and resources I was able to obtain was to me worth it.

Some lucky winners were able to walk away with amazing prizes.


The goal of the Quick Start Challenge is for the participating member to join the Internet Profit Certified Partner Program and the cost for that is $2,997.00 which was out of my price range.

Interestingly I read a review from someone who had taken the Quick Start Challenge 2015 and they said the payment was $1,997.00.

There are ways that I could have paid in incremental payments $997 down and then $397.00 per month after but for me at this time it was still not affordable.

It is important to note as well that the $2997.00 is a yearly recurring membership and not just a one time payment.

There were a few members of our group that did sign up to be a Certified Partner.


Dean Holland emailed me with an incentive saying if I was not able to make all the money back within 90 days I would be assigned a personal coach that would walk me through everything, however, I did read a review from a person that had paid the money in Quick Start Challenge 2015, was not happy with the results, said it was a ripoff and said he was having a difficult time getting his money back.

     Sandy Thomson

       Affiliate Get Rich

Quick Start Challenge 2018 
Dean Holland & Craig Crawford
8 - 10
Newbie - Intermediate
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