Make Money With Viglink


No doubt you have heard of NikeAmazon, Venus, Walmart, Target or Tailor Brands

These are but a few of the over 65000 online retailers, merchants or brands that you can affiliate with through Viglink. 

Using a unique form of affiliate marketing, Viglink lets you monetize your blog, website, forum or social networks like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The BEST part - It is FREE to sign up.

The most outstanding thing is that once you have it set up on your website, Viglink takes over and automatically chooses and converts keywords into affiliate links. It could be a product, a service, an affiliate network etc. that you are promoting.

Say for instance I was writing a blog about online learning platforms and mentioned how great is with their availability of over 100,000 online video courses some at very affordable prices and some even available for FREE. The best part about Udemy is you have lifetime access to any resource.  

Viglink has my back by converting Udemy into an affiliate link and if someone were to click on it and purchase any available courses, I would receive an affiliate commission.  

It is not even necessary for me to be an affiliate of Udemy, Viglink automatically converts the outbound link to an affiliate link. 


Ready for another outstanding feature of Viglink?

Say you have an already established website or blog with tons of content and lots of outbound links of products or services mentioned in your reviews.

Once you incorporate Viglink into your website, it can convert these outbound links into affiliate links automatically.

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